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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (888) 842-5007 for assistance. Please note, this number is for accessibility issues and is not a ticketing hotline.


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  • Is the event all ages?


  • What time does the event start/end?
    • Venue doors open at 12pm.
    • Curfew 11pm Sat / 10pm Sun.
  • Where do I park for this event?

    Please refer to our Passes page to purchase parking passes ahead of time, and the Getting Here page for the most helpful information on how to get to the venue and where to park.

  • Can I bring a camera?

    A phone camera or a small point and shoot without interchangeable lenses is fine to bring in. No video cameras or professional cameras will be allowed into the festival. GoPros are fine, but no poles or extenders will be permitted.

  • Is there Public Transportation to the event?

    Please check our Getting Here page for public transportation information.

  • Will you be posting set times in advance?

    Yes, check set times here!

  • Where is the Rideshare drop off/pick up point?

    Please review our Getting Here page.

  • Will there be free water refill stations?


  • Will there be vegetarian and/or vegan food options available at the event?


  • Do you have a lost and found?

    Yes, check our Lost and Found page here

  • How will Covid-19 affect this event?

    Please review our Health & Safety info here.

  • If the festival doesn’t take place, will I get a refund?

    Yes, you will have the option to roll over your pass to the following festival or request a refund. 

  • Can I bring in my medical prescription?

    If you’re bringing prescription medication, please be sure that it is in the original packaging or container, with the name on the label matching the name on your ID. Please do not bring in multiple medications mixed together in the same container. Each medication must be separate. If you have concerns about your medication being admitted to the Festival, please reach out to ADA.

  • What is the last day to update my shipping address?

    Please review all shipping related details here.

  • Wow, there are lots of Artists performing, Will I see all of them?
    There is no guarantee. Many artists will be performing at the same time and some areas will have limited capacities. You should plan accordingly and arrive early if there’s a particular performer you really want to see. Also, the lineup is always subject to change (whether due to volcanoes or any other reason).
  • I don't see my Question here.

    Please visit our Contact page.

  • Will there be breast pumping stations?

    Need a place to pump? We got you covered! B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pump) to select medical tents. We'll provide power for electric pumps as well as washing stations (non-potable water) with soap and sanitizing wipes. We are unable to provide refrigeration but you may bring a cooler or bag that is soft-bodied, with dimensions of 11.5 x 6.5 x 8.5” or smaller, empty of any contents other than your pump, cold packs and empty bottles. No metal or glass bottles permitted.

    Check Festival Map for locations.

  • Can I bring naloxone into the event?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring one, factory-sealed box (containing no more than 2 units) of naloxone into the event .

  • Can I volunteer or are you hiring?

    As much as we appreciate your interest, we are not able to have volunteers. To review Goldenvoice Job opportunities, please click here.

  • Can I pay with Klarna / What is Klarna? / I need Klarna help.

    Please review Klarna FAQs on AXS:

    For Klarna questions/help or troubleshooting, with your Klarna payment, missing Klarna receipt, etc.

    Please call 1-844-4KLARNA (1-844-455-2762).